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Heating Installation in Canberra


At Luxaire Pty Ltd, we can provide professional heating installation in Canberra for residential and commercial properties alike. Our goal is to provide the very best heating system for your needs, whether it’s electric heating or ducted gas heating in Canberra. Our specialists will work closely with you to discuss your options and your requirements for the best possible results.

Heating for Homes

Our highly trained team can visit your home and determine the best solution for your needs. From electric heating systems that are suitable for single rooms through to ducted gas heating for multiple rooms, we have you covered. When you choose us, you’ll never have to worry about feeling cold inside your home again!

Heating for Businesses

At Luxaire Pty Ltd, we can provide heating installation for businesses that operate inside single units or whole buildings. Our specialists use the latest equipment and methodologies to install systems quickly and efficiently, minimising costly disruptions. We can also provide accurate time estimates and even work around your business hours.

Heater Servicing

Electric heating systems and ducted gas heating in Canberra both require regular servicing and maintenance. Our specialists possess the expertise necessary to ensure your heating systems remain in optimal condition throughout the year. We can rectify any issues and replace components when necessary, helping to maximise the effectiveness and longevity of your heating.

Learn More Today

Luxaire Pty Ltd is your one-stop shop for heating installation in Canberra. We can also provide servicing and repairs for when complications arise. Contact us today to learn more, request a quote or make a booking.