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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Canberra

Air conditioners are in high demand during the warmer months of the year when indoor temperatures can become uncomfortably high. On days that are especially hot, air conditioners can be used continuously for over half the day. This usage places stress on air conditioning units which over time can cause malfunctions and necessitate servicing and repairs.

At Luxaire Pty Ltd, we’re proud to offer professional yet affordable air conditioning maintenance in Canberra. Whether your air conditioner is struggling to function optimally or an important component has broken which prevents the air conditioner from being used at all, we can provide air conditioning repairs in Canberra to restore your unit to perfect working condition.

Save Energy & Reduce Safety Hazards

There are numerous reasons why you should organise professional air conditioning maintenance in Canberra, including:

  • Malfunctioning components can cause air conditioning units to consume more energy, reducing your energy efficiency and increasing your energy expenses. This is not only an unnecessary drain on your finances, but also harmful to the environment.
  • Poorly maintained components, including broken wiring and power supplies, can create safety hazards that endanger people inside the property. This is due to the increased risk of electrical fires and other problems occurring.

Make a Booking Today

Luxaire Pty Ltd is a reputable provider of air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning repairs in Canberra. Give us a call on (02) 6162 3461 for more information or to make a booking. Alternatively, you can message us online to request a quote.